Connecting hotels with events.

Safely promote your hotel inventory directly on event websites.

Events are one of the main reasons why people travel, however choosing the right hotel is not always so simple. A simple mobile experience, with hand-picked hotels is the new standard for online bookings. Do you want to promote your hotel to events? Or do you have an event which you would like hotels to make special offers for?

  • Hotels give us rates you won’t find anywhere else.

    Traveler is a company made for travelers by a team of travel enthusiasts. We are a trusted accommodation provider for some of the world's largest events. Our expertise simplifies the process of booking a trip to a music festival, sporting event, or conference. Integrating with Traveler means getting access to state of the art hotel booking tools and a wide network of hotel partnerships for your events. Whether you are the hotel or the event, our platform gives you full control and flexibility on availability, customizations, and preferred rates.